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2 Hr Fire Rated

Keep your valuables safe - and your peace of mind!

Our safes and security cabinets come in a wide variety of specifications and features.

Multifile UL-2Hour Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets (Key lock)

2 hour fire resistant


NEW Multifile UL-2Hour Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets in 2,3 and 4 Drawer

The most cost effective 2 Hour Fire Cabinet in our range. Purpose built Multifile endorsed and Key lockable. The NEW Multifile range has been expertly designed to ensure you have the best protection for your vital data media now with extra capacity.

Key Features

  • Multifle Fire Rated Cabinet ( Key Lockable )
  • UL72 Class 350 2 Hour Fire Rating
  • Protects Paper Documents from Fire
  • Isolating Drawer Catch ( Access 1 drawer while others remained locked )
  • Data Insert Option Available
  • Key Lockable on top drawer
  • Push Button Handles on all drawers
  • Economical Priced
  • Available 2,3 and 4 Drawers

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Document Protection Safes


document protection safes


The Multifile SCF Series of record protection safes are specifically designed to safeguard valuable documents from burglary and fire. Guardall Document Safes come with CE approved TUV electronic locking, and are designed to give 2 Hour Fire Protection.

Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Shelves
MF-SCF1750 1700 1440 1150 980 635 455   4
MF-SCF1700 1700 1140 800 630 635 455   4

As we are constantly striving to deliver better products; sizes and colours may vary slightly. Height includes castors.

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*Pricing does not include delivery. Phone for delivery prices to your area.

 DataGuard (Data Media Storage)


Ratings: Fire: Yes - 120 min 


  • Certified NT Fire 017-120 Diskette for two-hour protection of data media from fire
  • Single-door safe with no insert required - means internal capacity is maximised and up to 60% more storage space the other safes in the same class.
  • User Friendly slam-action door. When shut, provides full fire protection without needing to be locked.
  • Adjustable shelving and drawer units supplied as standard
  • available in four sizes, ranging from 130-128 litres.
  • choice of key or electronic locking.


  • Capacity 30 to 128 Litres
  • Weight 145 to 330 kg

DataPlus (Data Media Storage)


Ratings: Fire: Yes - 120 min 


  • Protect Data Media from Fire
  • Fitted with a quality Mauer Key Lock
  • Optional shelves and storage options available
  • 2 Hour Fire Rating
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • 5 x Models Available


  • Capacity 111 to 556 Litres
  • Weight 315 to 860 kg



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