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Horizontal Plan Cabinets (5 and 10 Drawers)


horizontal plan cabinet

  • Features fully welded construction provides strength and stability allowing units to be stacked two high.
  • Full-width sheet metal return at rear of drawer prevents plans from being damaged or curling.
  • Available in over 100 colours and finishes.
  • Finish: high performance, inert powdercoat finish, including iron phosphate pre-treatment.
  • Accessories: need to be ordered separately.
ISO Height Width Depth kg Max Sheet Size Code
A1 470 950 650 85 865 x 605 16-HA-5
B1 470 1170 900 92 1085 x 850 16-HB-5
A0 470 1295 900 106 1210 x 850 16-HC-5


ISO Height Width Depth kg Max Sheet Size Code
A1 470 950 650 97 865 x 605 16-HA-10
B1 470 1170 900 139 1085 x 850 16-HB-10
A0 470 1295 900 160 1210 x 850 16-HC-10

Note: optional Castors add 135mm to the heights shown above.
A1 / 5 Drawer Plan Cabinet 470mm (H) 950mm (W) 650mm (D) 85kgs
Drawer Dimensions 50mm (H) 865mm (W) 615mm (D)  
Maximum Paper Size 865mm x 605mm      
A1 / 10 Drawer Plan Cabinet 470mm (H) 950mm (W) 650mm (D) 97kgs
Drawer Dimensions 25mm (H) 865mm (W) 615mm (D)  
Maximum Paper Size 865 x 605mm      
A0 / 5 Drawer Plan Cabinet  470mm (H) 1295mm (W)  900mm (D) 106kgs
Drawer Dimensions  50mm (H) 1210mm (W)   850mm (D)  
Maximum Paper Size  1210mm x 850mm      
A0 / 10 Drawer Plan Cabinet  470mm (H) 1295 (W)   900mm (D) 160kgs
Drawer Dimensions  25mm (H) 1210mm (W)   850mm (D)  
Maximum Paper Size  1210mm x 850mm      




Magnetic drawer dividers enable horizontal plan drawers to be sub-divided to accommodate various paper sizes.
Drawer dividers for slim drawers.

drawer divider 300mm Magnetic Dividers   600mm Magnetic Dividers
Code 16-HDMS-300   Code 16-HDMS-600
Height 25   Height 25
Width 300   Width 600
Depth 20   Depth 20



Magnetic drawer dividers enable horizontal plan drawers to be sub-divided to accommodate various paper sizes.
Drawer dividers for slim drawers.

castor kit 300mm Magnetic Dividers   600mm Magnetic Dividers
Height 25   25  
Width 300   600  
Depth 20   20  
Code 16-HDMS-300   16-HDMS-600  


stands To Suit A4 To Suit B1 To Suit A0 To Suit A0+
Height 300 300 300 300
Width 960 1180 1305 1480
Depth 660 910 910 910
Kg 12 13 14 16
Code 16-HSA 16-HSB 16-HSC 1-HCD


Australian Made

Our products are the result of our modern; purpose built (2002) facility, using state of the art equipment as well as the energy, imagination & experience of our workmates. Many of our team have been practicing their craft for two generations.

ISO14001 & 9001

Our cabinets are built using third party certified management systems that satisfy the requirements of ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO9001 (Quality Management System).

These systems help to minimise the harmful effects on the environment caused by manufacturing activities and to achieve continual improvement for environmental performance and product quality.

Recycled Materials

The amount of recycled content of materials used in the manufacture of Plan Storage units ranges from: Steel up to 20% recycled content (ref. Bluescope Steel) Powder coatings contain up to 5% recycled material (reference Dulux Australia).

Additionally, within the plant a significant amount (15-20%) of powder is recovered from the spray booths and is either blended with virgin powder or used as recycled powder for the painting of less critical surfaces such as inside panels and shelves.

5 Years Warranty

Plan Storage undertakes to replace or repair any component found to be faulty in material or workmanship within a period of five years from the date of manufacture. 



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