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Class B/C Government Endorsed Cabinets

 DRAWER CABINET - SCEC Approved Class B & C



  • 1.6mm fully welded steel body
  • 5.0mm drawer fronts
  • Lock mounted on 5mm steel plate,

COLOUR: Available in Dulux Powercoats


  • Heavy-duty slides guaranteed for 100,000 operations
  • Double-skintoptopreventaccesstothetopdrawerandlockingsystem
  • Recessed drawers with minimum gap clearance to prevent forced opening of drawers
  • Heavy duty barrier panels between drawers to prevent access from one drawer to another
  • Anti-tilt mechanism to prevent more than one drawer from being opened at a time,


No. Drawers Security Level Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (KG)
Two Drawer Class C Bi-Lock (Key) 705 510 670 85
Four Drawer Class C Bi-Lock (Key) 1340 510 670 160
Two Drawer Class B, X-10 Kaba Digital Lock 705 510 670 85
Four Drawer Class B, X-10 Kaba Digital Lock 1340 510 670 160


SWING DOOR CABINET - SCEC Approved Class B and Class C




  • 1.6mm fully welded steel body – 1.6mm fully welded steel doors – 5.0mm steel lock mounting plates


  • SCEC-Approved locking mechanism protected by a separate metal panel
  • Indirect locking system that prevents forcing of the locking mechanism.



Security Level Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (mm)
Class C Bi-Lock (Key) 1350 920 500 85
Class C Bi-Lock (Key) 1840 920 500 125
Class B, X-10 Kaba Digital Lock 1350 920 500 85
Class B, X-10 Kaba Digital Lock 1840 920 500 125



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