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Schedule 8 Approved Drug Safes Australia-wide

Our complete range of Drug Safes meet all Australian State and Territory Regulations for the storage of S8 Drugs. Unsure of your State Regulations and Requirements? Call us today 1800 080 280 for more details.

Chubb DC Drug Cabinets

The DC Drug Cabinet is a basic Schedule 8 approved drug safe that can be wall mounted for use in Veterinary Clinics, Medical Centres, Pharmacies, and Hospitals.

DSK Drug Safes

The DSK Range is the most popular and cost effective Schedule 8 drug safe. Available with either a Key or a Commercial Grade UL Digital Lock, the DSK Range is ideal for use in Hospitals, Medical Centres, Pharmacies, Aged Care Facilities, & Veterinary Clinics.

KS Series Drug Safes

The KS series is a premium High Security Safe suitable for use in Pharmacies in all states and territories including WA and Tasmania.

DSK Series Drug Safes

The DSK safe range of drug safes is the most popular and economical drug safe to comply with current Australian State Health Department Regulations regarding the storage of schedule 8 drugs.

Ideal for Pharmacies, Hospitals, Aged Care, Nursing Homes & Vets

The DSK Drug Safe is fitted with a six lever pick resistant lock to ensure compliance to the strict rules for storing drugs.

The safes can also be ordered with an electronic digital lock for ease of use and audit trail to track user access and times. Featuring pre drilled anchor holes in the rear and base, adjustable shelves and high quality durable paint the DSK range is designed for years of hard wear and tear.

Optional Locking:

  • Securam Digital Lock
  • Securam Digital Lock with Audit Trail
  • Access Control Lock


  • 6 Lever Pick-Resistant Lock available as standard
  • Anti-tamper re-locking device on lock
  • Hardened anti-drill plates surrounding the lock
  • Solid steel 10mm body
  • Solid steel 10mm door
  • Solid steel 20mm bolt-work
  • External hinges with internal anti-pry dead bar.
  • Australian Health Department compliant
  • Durable hardened paint finish
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • Pre-drilled 12mm anchoring holes

Unsure of your State Regulations and Requirements?

Call us today 1800 080 280 for more detail

KS Series Drug and Document Safes

The Multifile KS Series is a high security range of safes, comes with a 1 Hour Fire Rating for paper documents including a $100,000 cash rating, it also meets the more stringent Schedule 8 Drug storage requirements of WA and TAS.

The Multifile KS series of safes is a High Security Safe.

Suitable for use in Pharmacies across WA and Tasmania where min. weight and locking specifications are required. This series of safe is designed and manufactured to give a high level of resistance against professional attack.


  • Commercial UL digital lock and keypad
  • 6-lever pick resistant key lock
  • Anti-tamper re-locking devices on both locks
  • Hardened anti-drill plates surrounding both locks
  • Concrete filled body
  • External hinges with reinforced internal anti-pry bolts
  • Solid steel 12mm door
  • 60 minutes fire resistant
  • Suggested $100000 cash rating
  • Durable hardened paint finish
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • Pre-drilled anchoring holes, 2 x 17mm diameter

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Unsure of your State Regulations and Requirements?

Call us today 1800 080 280 for more detail

Chubb DC Series Drug Safes

The Chubb DC range of drug safes for basic storage of Schedule 8 drugs

Burglary resistant drug cabinet for hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies. Schedule 8.

DOOR & BODY: The Drug Cabinet is made from 10mm thick steel.

INTERIOR FITTINGS SHELF: The DC1 Model comes with 3 internal shelves. The DC2 Model comes with 4 internal shelves.

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Key Features:

  • Suitable for storage of prescription drugs
  • Ideal for hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies or any other situation where securing stock is required
  • Supplied with key lock
  • Constructed from 10mm solid steel
  • Each model is supplied with shelves
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Welded strap on lock body
  • Boltworkencased when retracted
  • Complies with all state codes
Model Ext.Height (mm) Ext.W (mm) Ext.D (mm) Int.H (mm) Int.W (mm) Int. D (mm) Volume Litres Weight (kg)
DC1 350 240 150 330 220 130 10 27
DC2 600 450 150 580 430 130 32 66
DC3 900 600 300 880 580 260 132 160

*In electronic models, add 20mm to allow for keypad projection.

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